Phygital Book is a strategic partnership project between CTPS DIGIPRINT and i-Sprint Innovations to offer publishers of books, journals, reference works, and travel guides a new solution to provide readers with content beyond physical book.
This solution, based on i-Sprint's award-winning authentication and security technology for the financial sector, provides an innovative solution for anti-counterfeiting, track-and-trace, and product identification. In a nutshell, the solution supports brand protection, personalizes consumer access, facilitates online learning, tracks product dissemination, and offers data analytics. The latter empowers publishers with real-time metrics and actionable intelligence to further engage their consumers, push related content online, and drive discovery and monetisation.
At the core, the solution utilizes embedded QR codes within the printed pages, with each unique code functioning as a gateway to authenticate ownership, a portal to the publisher's learning management system (LMS), and a data collection center on geolocation, access patterns, and consumption behaviors.

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